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Very powerful! My vision for reading is greatly improved! I can read without glasses, yesterday I couldn't."

Greg Heywood, D.C.
Sacramento, CA.


I have had a lifelong problem with insomnia due to family stress in childhood. I had a car accident in 1986 that resulted in a broken arm, broken leg, 2 broken ribs and a fractured skull. I had been diagnosed with lifelong fibromyalgia that resulted in chronic pain and a lifelong headaches and fatigue resulting from a head injury. I avoided dating relationships, marriage and men in general. I have had an extremely brief time in between menstrual cycles. Since being under Bio-Kinetics/Bio-Kinetics care, I am beginning to sleep for the first time in my life. The aches and pains are leaving my body. I previously had constant pressure in the back of my head that has lessened drastically. I have more energy and don’t feel the fuzziness around my head. I am dating, having relationships, considering marriage as a possibility now, and the time in between my menstrual cycles have gotten longer. Every aspect of my life has improved since receiving this care. I feel like a new person!



I was receiving allergy shots twice a month and was on daily asthma medication at the time I began Bio-Kinetics care with Dr. Jay Wilson. My need for medication ceased two months after receiving his treatment and my allergies have not given me any problems since. It has now been 11 months and I am symptom free. This method of treatment is gentle and the results are wonderful!

Janet Deming


I have had back problems in the past where the pain was severe. I took numerous steroid and pain shots which helped. The last time my back started hurting, the pain in the back and legs was so severe that I didn’t think I could go on. I again took a series of shots, but they didn’t help at all. Tests showed that I had bulging, ruptured disks. The back pain was so severe and my legs felt as if they were going to explode. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Michael Whitman who practices the Bio-Kinetics care. Under his care, I was soon out of pain and have remained so over a year now.

H. Crabb


I had a rash all over my body. It began after taking antibiotics and ear drops. After my kidneys, liver and adrenals were corrected with Bio-Kinetics, my rash went away!

Kathy Davis
Torrance, CA.


My chiropractor took x-rays of my neck and informed me that I have the worst neck of a 30 year old she had ever seen . After 6 weeks of Bio-Kinetics, the curve is coming back in the upper part of my neck.. Also, the stretch marks I’ve had from having two children have faded so significantly that my husband has noticed!

Shawna Wilson
Tucumcari, N.M.


A 7 year old boy was scheduled for eye surgery in Tokyo. Fortunately, while vacationing here in Kauai he was brought into see me for care. As a result of using Bio-Kinetics on him, his eyes became uncrossed and eye surgery was avoided. I recommend the Bio-Kinetics training seminars to all doctors reading this – it is a very powerful health care system!"

Ryoichi Ogawa, D.C.
Kauai, Hawaii


I used to take Ibuprophen daily for headaches, arthritis in my thumbs and back pain. Now I NEVER need it! I don’t need Rolaids for foods anymore either. I've also noticed that I seem to be avoiding flus and colds, too. All this since receiving Bio-Kinetics care. I recommend it for everyone!

Joan Presetti
, CA


My experience with Bio-Kinetics is very unique. After Dr. Newsum first presented his finding with regards to physical stress to me and asked me to work with his protocols, and research the neurological mechanisms behind it, I began using them with my patients. I began to see improvements in acute and chronic health problems that were not possible with what I was using prior to that. During this time, I was in good health. The great thing is that even if you are in good health (or think you are), the health and healing benefits can be profound.

About four years ago, while moving into my new home, I ran my forehead into the corner of a shelf in the garage. I was alone, with no transportation. The cut was about one inch long and jagged. It went all the way to the bone. It bled profusely and within minutes, it was very swollen. I wanted to go to the emergency room to get stitches, however I had no way to get there, and not even a telephone to call 911.I began using the Bio-Kinetics protocols of stress and correct, and within minutes, the bleeding stopped, the swelling had almost completely subsided, and the pain was considerably less. By the time others returned with another load, I was able to cover the injury with a Band-Aid, and continue working. By the next day, there was only a small red line, and with constant use of the B-K procedures, the injury healed with barely a visible scar.

A few months later, I caught my finger between a 700-pound trailer and my truck, smashing it and cutting it down to the tendon. Using the B-K protocols, this too healed in a matter of a few days.

I am not normally accident prone, but I must have needed to put this work to the test, because over the next few years, I had several other semi-serious accidents/injuries, including falls while roller blading, a rear-end automobile accident, being hit in the head by a hammer falling off of a seven foot door, and more. The most serious of these was when a one hundred pound solid core fire door fell on my calf. It was leaning up against a wall and as I walked by, it fell and the top edge hit my calf and scraped all the way down to my Achilles tendon. It felt like it ripped my calf completely off. By the time I was able to pull myself into a chair, it had literally swollen up to three times its normal size. I started with the B-K procedures immediately. Within two minutes, the swelling had subsided and the pain was tolerable. I could stand and put weight on it. Within 5 minutes I was able to walk with a limp. Within an hour, I was standing and walking without a limp. By that evening (approximately 3 hours later) I gave a lecture/presentation for several hours. At the end, I even hopped up and down on it to show everyone. I consider that to be a good example of how healing times are reduced with this process. Without B-K, I know I would have been in the hospital and crutches for weeks, and had permanent vascular weakness (varicose veins) in my calf.

I use Bio-Kinetics on all my patients. The Bio-Kinetics procedures have allowed me to get results, not only with the typical back pain patient, but with more challenging cases as well, far beyond anything I have ever used.

Dr. Donald J. Baune, D.A.C.N.B.
Lomita, CA


I would like to relate an experience using Bio-Kinetics.

On December 23, 2003, my 13-year-old son was riding his skateboard alongside a car and fell, hitting his head/face directly on the pavement. He initially thought that the car's rear tire ran over his head but it seems impossible for him to have survived. His right eye became immediately swollen, so much that he could not open it. It was bleeding from inside, as was his nose, and mouth (he has braces). He had a large gash on his left inner arm (about 3 inches long) and another just below his left knee (about 4 inches long). Both were caused by tearing of the skin and were opened at least an inch so you could see beyond the adipose layer to the muscle layers beneath. He also had many abrasions all over his body. By the time he got to the hospital, the skin around his right eye was swollen so tight it looked like it was going to burst. He was strapped to a body board. It was very uncomfortable, but they had to find out if his neck was broken.

After about an hour of waiting around in the emergency room, I decided to help him. I began working on him using myself as a surrogate. After about 3 minutes, he vomited and immediately felt better. I continued working on him through me. After about 20 minutes, my wife noticed that the swelling was about half of what it had been, and he was able to open his eye. She did not know what I was doing, so she wasn't expecting anything. Even the medic on staff commented that the eye was looking a lot better. It took me about 45 minutes to reach a point where his body no longer needed any work. At this point, he was lying there calm, in no pain, and the swelling around his eye was considerably less.

At this point, we found out that he had multiple fractures around the orbit of his right eye, fractured his nose, and had one fracture on the floor of his left eye. Fortunately there were no fractures of the vertebra in his neck. They anesthetized him locally to sew up the deep cuts on his arm and leg. We were told that the cut on his leg was in the shape of an inverted V, which does not allow blood to flow into some of the skin around the cut and the area may die and need plastic surgery later. I continued clearing him using Bio-Kinetics. Eventually, I got to a place where he needed no more work.

During this time, I also was clearing my wife for her emotional trauma. She mentioned to me that it was strange that she was not freaking out, able to control her fears and emotions, and just be present to the situation.

During the hospital stay (2 days), I continued to clear him through myself and he continued to improve. Everyone there said it was because he was so young and had good healing abilities (according to them, some people are just lucky that way). They were surprised however that he never once asked for any pain medication and seemed to be quite calm and relaxed.

When he got home, he took it slow for a few days, but was ready to go back to school at the end of the holiday break. He actually missed only one day of school (only because he had follow-up medical visits). They were surprised at how fast he was healing considering his injuries. I was continuing to clear him with Bio-Kinetics several times a day. As time went on, he needed less and less work. After one week, you could not even tell that he had been injured. His deep cuts were still stitched up and obviously not fully healed, but to look at his face, there were no clues of his injuries (other than some residual bright red blood in the white of his right eye). He continued to feel good and never took anything other than some antibiotics because of the deep cuts. After two weeks, they were doing very well also, with no signs of problems.

Everyone is amazed at how fast he is healing, and I am grateful that I was able to use this process to assist him during this traumatic ordeal.

Dr. Donald J. Baune, D.A.C.N.B.
Lomita, CA

P.S.: I was also clearing myself for my own emotional trauma. It helped me get through it with minimal stressful effects.


Dear Dr. Newsum

Excuse me for not writing sooner. Recently I had two new patients with serious problems. One 30 year old woman with breast cancer (lump on breast) and the other 42 year old woman with Parkinsons.

The woman with breast cancer was scheduled for surgery after they took three biopsies.

I treated her 16 times with Bio-Kinetics. When she went to have surgery, the lump was gone. No surgery was needed. She was very happy and so was I.

Please keep your work.

Yours truly,
Dr. Shigetaka Waketa,
Tokyo, Japan

Seminar Testimonials

"To anyone desiring to take their effectiveness to the highest level, look no further."
Thomas Aamot, D.C., Lake Havasu City, AZ

"One of the most dynamic seminars any chiropractor could attend to get in touch with the modern paradigm of Chiropractic and brain function. You will be able to apply the procedures on Monday in line with that paradigm and produce results, which you may have thought were beyond the scope of you or your patients abilities."
Robert L. Culver , D.C., D.A.C.N.B., San Francisco, CA.

"Every Chiropractor who cares about their patients should be taking this work. BK is incredible. The best training seminar I have taken in my 18 years in practice in terms of ease of implementation and healing results!"
Mike Vidmar, D.C., Longmont, CO.

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